The Grow business is all about people who Grow!

We are a strong team of both experienced and ambitious young minds, who all share a passion for technology and innovation for Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA) Seed to Harvest, Hobby or Commercial & Organics. For us, the business has always been about people - good relationships and a personal approach to each customer.

Why Choose
Dutch Garden International?

Expert Guidance

Depend upon our experienced team for expert guidance on Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA) methods, nutrient solutions, and customized growing strategies.

Global Reach

Take advantage of our wide-reaching network of global partners, ensuring timely delivery of CEA supplies, no matter where you are based.

Boost Crop Yield

Explore our diverse selection of CEA systems and equipment, enhancing your facility's plant growth potential and boosting yields and efficiency.


Turnkey Solutions

Simplify your business with our easy and straight-talking service, encompassing equipment procurement, installation, and assistance.

Quality Assurance

We source and distribute premium CEA products globally, ensuring top quality for your customer's CEA gardens and keeping your commercial facility operational 24/7.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Our experts will evaluate your premises and create a tailored lighting strategy to enhance plant growth and meet your yield objectives.

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